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About Me

I didn't take this photo. 

This is my dear Dad taking a very early 'selfie' with my sister Susan, his first born.  There's so much about this picture I love, not just the two people in it.  It tells me much about that moment. 

The dirt underneath his fingernails, he was a hardworking man. 

The home knits on both of them, my Mum made almost all our clothes. 

The look of love and tenderness on his face. I could go on. 

Photo's mean so much more years later when they trigger memories and emotions which, I believe, are well worth keeping.  So that's the main reason I do photography.

I must have been about 5 when I tried to drink the developing fluid which my Dad had in the cupboard under the stairs. I thought it was pop. He loved taking pictures and used to develop his own film. I think the combination of his genes and my actually imbibing the photographic fluid meant I was destined to take pictures. 
Fast forward over 50 years and I am finally doing what I believe I was put on this earth to do.

My husband David and I are ridiculously happy. Hopelessly romantic and we like to do as much of life together as we can.

I love love.

New babies, children, whole families and individual portraiture are my passions.

My pictures describe my style, so have a click through.
I like to get to know who I am photographing. I like to 'get' the personalities and feelings, not just the face and the lace.

Hollie & Charlie Wedding

About You

My style will no doubt come out - but I want the pictures to be all about YOU. The real you.

To accurately and beautifully catch your personality, your relationship, your love, your laughter and your feeling about your life at that moment.

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